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a heated and public showdown, but are they any closer? >>> and amy winehouse. dead at the age of 27. her meteoric rise and tragic dead at the age of 27. her meteoric rise and tragic fall. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. norway and the rest of the world woke up this morning to the stunning news that what we already knew to be a horrible tragedy in that largely peaceful country had turned far, far worse. the toll of dead from yesterday's twin attacks in and around oslo has climbed to at least 92. most of the dead, teenagers who were systematically executed in a 90-minute-long massacre at an island summer camp. the shooting attack and fatal bombing of oslo's government center are now thought to be an act of domestic terrorism. we also learned today it took police almost 40 minutes to reach the island camp as an apparent single gunman waged his withering attack. with more on the attack and the suspect now in custody, here's nbc news correspondent martin fletcher from oslo. >> reporter: norway is in mourning today, trying to understand. photos of the youth camp
, soulful, brash, wholly original, supremely talented and supremely troubled. amy winehouse now dead, far too young. why have so many famous singers died at the age of 27? the list will shock you. >>> america at the boiling point. across the country, the anger over the punishing heat that will not relent and over the gridlock in washington that often seems beyond repair. is this the ultimate summer of discontent? we asked you to weigh in, and you did not hold back. >>> and double vision. two brothers, one song and the video that people just can't get enough of. do you believe their mother says they're shy? >>> so many people talking this morning about amy winehouse. this morning, tony ben fete who just reported a duet with winehouse in march put out a statement calling her an artist of immense proportion and lady gaga tweeted that she will always have a very deep love for amy winehouse who she said paved the way for her and other unconventional women to make it in pop music. >> she was so talented, dan, but so tormented as well. >>> we begin with breaking news out of norway. the death tol
to take and when. >>> and -- ♪ breaking news out or london, singer and long time drug abuser amy winehouse is dead in her home. >>> and sexting took down a u.s. congressman, but you know who sexts the most? i'm don lemon, the news starts right now. >> i can't understand really what happened. >> two attacks in norway, at least 92 people dead, 85 of them at a youth camp. seven dead in a bombing in the capital of oslo. so far, one man arrested and charged in both attacks, that man identified by local media as anders baring brevin. police now say they haven't ruled out the possibility that others were involved, the accounts in the youth camp of utoya island are chilling, witnesses say a man showed up in a police uniform, reportedly he asked to address the campers and started firing. because the camp is run by norway's ruling labor party, investigators believe this attack could have been politically motivated. the attack followed a car bombing outside a capitol building in oslo. norway's prime minister calls this the country's worst atrocity since world war ii. these kinds of attacks were unima
but troubled singer silenced for ever. amy winehouse found dead at home. the entertainment world mourns as details emerge about the investigation. the psychiatrist murdered in northern virginia and police say a patient pulled the trigger. left with no ac in the middle of our heat wave. residents of a dc apartment complex say despite complaints, they had to sweat it out the last few days. a lot to get through tonight, but we're going to start off with the extreme heat. thanks for joining us at 10:00, i'm lee thomas. we are wrapping up another record setting day of triple digit temperatures. and right now, we are still hovering around the 90-degree mark. fox 5 is in the weather center. ken, we are all on the same page on this one, hoping the heat wave is behind us now. >> i think we are. we are not quite out of the clear. now we will get a little bit cooler, but just relatively speaking and i'm only speaking a few degrees. but we still have the heat indexes to deal with because the humidity isn't going anywhere. so let's take a look at where we hit
and now the question, could anything have saved amy winehouse? >>> and flip-flopping on what the right thing is to wear to work, where things have definitely changed. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. right about now on a monday night in july, a lot of americans have had it with what they see and hear coming out of washington. talks that start up and break off, insults and threats and slights between the two sides, the two parties, politics, posturing over real progress and compromise. listen to what americans across this country are saying today about their leaders in washington. >> it is embarrassing. if we hold ourselves out as a premiere country in the entire world, we can't even manage a budget, which every responsible family does and here our national government looks like curley, mo and larry or the marx brothers. >> now is the time where people have to check their egos at the door, as people say, and come together regardless of what party they're from because it's got to get done. >> frustration and embarrassment as an am
to bring me back ♪ >>> and breaking news out of london. singer and long-time drug abuser amy winehouse is found dead in her home. this hour, reaction from hollywood. >>> and movement in just the last hour on efforts to end the debt crisis. you've heard that phrase a lot in the last few weeks. but what does it mean to you and your personal finances? the answers for you this hour in the cnn newsroom. >>> i ran around for five minutes, then i started swimming. >> reporter: was he shooting at you in the ocean? >> yes, and in it. >> reporter: were people around you hit? >> yes. >> final moments spent in unimaginable fear. two attacks in norway. at least 92 people dead, 85 of them at a youth camp. seven dead in a bombing in the capital, oslo. one man arrested and charged in both of the terrorist attacks. that man identified by a right winger. a christian fundamentalist. but police now say they haven't ruled out the possibility that others were involved. the accounts from the youth camp are chilling. witnesses say a man showed up in a police uniform, reportedly asked to address the campers an
, an amazing talent has died. the investigation into the untimely death of amy winehouse. untimely death of amy winehouse. hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> a shocking but not surprising death in the music world. amy winehouse was found dead in a london apartment. she was not only known for her signature music, but her often public battles with drugs and alcohol. she sang defiantly of her decision not to go to rehab. tony bennett called her an artist of immense proportions. the cause of her death is not yet known. no arrests have been made. norway is reading from the twin attacks that killed at least 92 people. many of them were young victims of a summer camp. anders behring breivik is considered the lone suspect in the explosion in downtown oslo and the island massacre. police say he posed as a policeman at the youth retreat for the ruling labor party win at least 85 people were killed. several are still missing. police have charged him under the norway terror law. he will be arraigned on monday. that is
few days -- amy winehouse has been growing. the father had this to say to us. >> i know a lot of view. [unintelligible] i know you have a job to do. i am glad that you are here anyways. i cannot tell you what this means to me. i cared about one thing in my whole life. her. so, we are devastated, obviously. thank you for coming. >> that was the father appeared amy winehouse, speaking with us just moments ago. shellshocked over the news. he had been in new york, starting his own singing career. we have heard more details from those close to amy winehouse. he said there were a lot of stories in the press about drugs and whenever, but as far as they knew she had had lunch with her mother on thursday, friday she had one of her regular doctors' visits, saying that everything was all right. there had been a complaint about her playing the drums too loud. saturday morning she said she was going to sleep to her security guard. that was the last anyone heard. the next, they were unable to wake her on saturday afternoon. >> have the police commented any further on the cause of death camp? >> we
: in and london singer amy winehouse is found dead at home at the age of twech. anthony mason hooks back at the life and career scarred by drug abuse. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. the death toll is now at least 92 from yesterday's twin attacks in norway. tensions remain high in oslo as residents still try to understand what happened and why. tonight, police are continuing to question the suspect in the attacks, 32-year-old anders behring breivik, a norwegian. national correspondent jeff glor is in oslo with the latest. >> reporter: the gunman seen from overhead in the middle of his rampage. posing as a police officer, witnesses say he lured a large group together, telling them he was there to perform a routine terror check. then the firing. a sustained assault that misnow say half thed for 90 minutes. campers, 600 of them, a youth meeting of norway's labor party, went any way they could-- some into the woods, others hit the water. >> just started swimming. >> reporter: you started swimming? he was shooting.
the emotional and unfortunately happy ending from this hero's story. >>> but first, amy winehouse story is speaking out about her death. what they think killed her. that's up next. ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. >>> amy winehouse's family is speaking out tonight about what they think killed the singer. sources tell the sun newspaper that she ignored her doctor's advice to cut her drinking down slowly. her family believes that the shock to her system is what lead to her death. now, remember, the autopsy results from the 27-year-old are not expected to be out for weeks. >>> and a town in washington state does not want to rename a bridge after another musician who died at the age of 27. the city council voted 10-1 against the resolution. and opponents say that they were concerned about memorializing
. >>> she summed up her career in a single song. tonight troubled pop singing diva amy winehouse is dead. >>> new details on brian stow, how the police say the beating was more brutal than previously believed. >>> still no deal to keep the united states from defaulting on its debt. there's a rush to have it settled by tomorrow afternoon. >>> evidence that the norway massacre may have been motivated by politics. the death toll is at 89. most people in the shooting rampage that were killed that lasted an hour-and-a-half. >> reporter: this killing picture from the air shows the accused gunman in the middle of his deadly mission and the attorney says his client has confessed to what he calls the factual circumstances and the facts the authorities say that man dressed in a preliminary's uniform traveled to the island to kill young people attending a political rally. witnesses say the shooting gathered hundreds of teenagers by saying he was there for routine terror drills. >> every time they screamed. >> some hid and some ran and others tried to swim away. adrian described the terror. >> to h
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-known singer silenced. amy winehouse known by many for her drug and alcohol abuse, then her music, found dead in her london home. tonight reaction from hollywood, plus a long list of singers who have died at the young age of 27. >> it was terrible. i can't understand really what happened. >> massacre in norway. a home-grown terrorist kills nearly 100 people. most of them children gathered at a youth camp. tonight the suspect is talking to police. >>> a little girl with a heart of gold instead of asking for birthday presents, she asked that people help children half a world away. tonight her life comes to a tragic end, but her legacy lives on. good evening, everyone. i'm don lemon in atlanta. we welcome our viewers tonight watching around the world. you're in the "cnn newsroom." >> tmz says this is the last time i'm i winehouse was on stage, three days ago in north london. she supported her 13-year-old goddaughter, an aspiring singer herself. tonight the world is mourning the singer blessed with a voice beyond her years but cursed with addictions that may have cut them short. london police say
, the death of amy winehouse, the troubled singer was found dead this afternoon, and tonight police are on the scene in london investigating. >>> good saturday, everyone. i'm craig melvin. we start tonight with the extreme heat, for a second day in a row we have hit record temperatures. and in is an excessive heat warning in effect for the entire viewing area right now. in suitland, a pool was the most popular attraction at their community day celebration. a similar story at the columbia place marketplace. but for folks living at one apartment complex on massachusetts avenue, the heat is downright unbearable. the air conditioning hasn't been working right since thursday, and it's not going to be fixed until tuesday. one resident says in her apartment, it's a stifling 91 degrees. property managers are working to make things cooler. in the meantime, they have extended hours of the rooftop pool there. the pool won't close until 2:00 a.m. chuck bell standing by in the weather center with an update. chuck, how hot did it get today? >> another day in the record books, that's all that matt
back at the troubled life of pop star amy winehouse. >>> a popular party place for south bay kids is closing its doors after three decades. >>> and castro valley celebrated a first time event today. why it wasn't quite what they had planned. >>> we're enjoying a pleasant start to the weekend so far. we have a strong sea breeze moving into san francisco with low clouds coming up in the seven-day forecast. we have a cooling trend and a warming trend. what it means for the rest of your weekend coming up. >>> british pop singer amy winehouse has died. police confirmed a 27-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the singer's north london home. kirk gregory has more on winehouse's life. >> reporter: amy winehouse as well known for her troubles with drugs and alcohol as she was for her music. born into a working class family in london, she was accepted into a prestigious london theater school at the age of 12. she was expelled four years later. as she gained fame, winehouse was also making headlines for using drugs and alcohol. a day after winning three mtv music video awards in 2007, she
will not affect air safety. >>> a musical legacy cut short. remembering amy winehouse ahead. >>> also, a loyal friend goes to extremes. why he held on for dear life. and if you think today was nice, meteorologist leigh glaser says wait until tomorrow. >> police say singer amy winehouse was found dead today at her home in london. she struggled with drug and alcohol abuse throughout her career, but police say the cause of her death is still not immediately clear. winehouse shot to fame in 2006 with the album "back to black." her blend of jazz, soul, rock, and classic pop was a global hit. amy winehouse was 27 years old. >>> a man who thought someone stole his friend's purse went on the ride of his life. it happened friday in stockton, and you can see that man clinging to the open window of a car that drives away at about 35 miles per hour. officers say the man thought the driver had taken his friend's purse. ends up no crime was committed and no one was arrested. the guy with the good grip and fast seat was fortunately not injured there. >>> well, a man who got trapped head first in a storm drai
opened fire. plus new reaction to the sudden death of singer amy winehouse. >>> and we're watching low clouds spilling back into the bay. you could call it the fog machine turning on once again as we see from the time lapse from oakland. we'll wake up to low clouds and maybe drizzle for your sunday morning. but what about the afternoon. your weekend forecast is coming up. >>> troubled grammy winning singer amy winehouse was found dead in her london home today. the british pop singer was well known for her troubles with drugs and alcohol as she was her singing. just last month she canceled her european comeback tour after she slurred and swayed her way through a show. celebrities paid tribute today, rihanna wrote, dear god have mercy. i am sick about this right now. i'm genuinely heart broken about this. demi moore treated truly sad news about amy winehouse. my heart goes out to her family. may her troubled soul find piece. and josh groban wrote, drugs took her gift long before they took her life. >>> google and oracle are not supposed to be in court until the fall, but there's already
in a single song. tonight, trouble pop-singing diva amy winehouse is dead. >>> short meetings and bickering in washington over the debt ceiling. and still no deal. why there is a rush to have it settled by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. >>> good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. the death toll is now up to at least 92. one day after twin attacks in norway. and we're hearing about a delayed police response that allowed for a full hour and a half of terror at a youth camp. the shooting massacre on the island followed what is being called an oklahoma city type bombing in oslo. randall pinkston joins us tonight from oslo. randall? >> reporter: there are new details being revealed about the accused gunman. principally that he rented a farm that allowed him to obtain 6,000 tons of fertilizer. the fertilizer that authorities believe was used in part to construct that powerful bomb that went off just a few blocks from here. police say the gunman at norway's youth camp had 90 minutes to attack before a s.w.a.t. team arrived. at least 84 people were killed. >> they ran out. and he just would shoot them. >> rep
? singer amy winehouse has died. we have the latest. and the president meets today with house speaker. the urgent deadline this weekend. and more information about the deadly rampage in norway. abc 7 news starts now. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> good evening. i am pamela brown. we begin with the dangerous heat wave temperatures once again hitting a triple digits. code orange air quality is in effect today. paramedics have received dozens of heat-related calls and metro is allowing people to carry bottled water on their trains and buses. steve rudin when is the relief going to be here? >> a little bit of a relief tomorrow but the heat and humidity is out there and we are feeling it big time. the current temperature at reagan national airport 100 degrees. we broke the record in 1991. 102 degrees at reagan national airport was the high. this is what it feels like, the heat index 109 at reagan national 104 dulles airport. at the latest doppler radar thunderstorms clearing to the south, south of fredericksburg. earlier, they have had a severe thunde
. grammy award winning singer amy winehouse has died. a look back at her life, and at the sleep number store we have customers come in, "this hurts, that hurts." my back hurts, my neck hurts. my hip hurts. one of the brilliant things is that this bed can change with your body. if i'm in pain one day or i feel differently from day to day, i can change it with the snap of a finger. it's really molding to my body. every day i see people relieve their back pain on this bed. discover the amazing sleep number bed anddet great savings during the final days of our summer closeout. only through july 24th and only at the sleep number store. >> the music world lost one of its brightest young stars today amy winehouse. she battled both alcohol and drugs. >> nothing summed up her life better than her own grammy- winning song, "we have." -- "rehab." her landmark album sold 10 million copies and earned her five grammys and worldwide acclaim. but with a professional highs' came personal lows. she had arrests for drunkenness and drug possession and a disastrous rock star marriage
troubled musician silent forever. amy winehouse found dead in her london home an autopsy for cause of death could begin today. >>> claims of dc residents at an apartment complex left with no ac. >>> sarah is off today i am melanie. >>> the first legal same-sex marriages are under way in new york and confession of sorts in that deadly rampage in nothing further way. >> no relief during the overnight hours it is svelterring out there you all want to see when we will see a temperature tumble. we are tracking everything down in the weather center good morning gwen. >> good morning melanie. lower temperatures relatively speaking keep in mind we are not heading down to the 60s or 70s. down to the 90s compared to the 100s but still humidity in place. look where we hit yesterday we not only broke a record at national airport, actually these numbers are not correct, 102 is what we hit at national airport yesterday, breaking records of 100 and 99 at dulles and 101 at baltimore we tied records set back in 1991 that needs to be updated. >> sentinel radar not much happening here, pretty dry conditions t
and singer amy winehouse is beeng llid toorest today. michelle wright haa all your entertainment hhadlines. 3 3 michael jackson's family helped announce a tribute concert this fall to remember phe pop singer.performers for concert""haven't been made publicc but there were hints the sinner's brothers could reunite to perffrm.the jackson famiiy said a tribute concert is long ovvrdue.i think that he as an entertainer, that i feel that no one could ever stand up to, or hold a candle to, aa far as &phis talent is concernedd wwth that ssid, know that this tribbte will be something that's spectacular.thank you very muchhfor helping to keep my son's legacy liie..he tribute concert, which will profit several charities, is settfor october in wales. investigattrs said monday's autopsy on singer amy winehouse did not stabliss a formal cauue of death.the coroner said lab tests may determine what killed the winehouse was found dead inn her london home saturday. rappers jay-z and kanye west say they are forming a new group called "the throne."the group wiil release an albuu on itunes and begin sellii
buildings in oslo. >> michael holmes, thank you. ♪ >>> that is amy winehouse singing her hit "rehab." london police found the grammy award winner dead in her apartment. they don't know how she died at this point. she's well known for her adetectivetion problems as well as her talent. we have the very latest from london. we just saw the body recently of amy winehouse being taken and put into a private ambulance. to police -- are they saying anything more about the circumstances surrounding her death at her apartment? >> reporter: police came out in the last hour to give a statement to reporters and they were saying right now all they are saying it's unexplained. they also said while there's been a lot of speculation and rumors she may have died of a drug overdose they said that's unconfirmed as a post mortem has not been done. we don't know when that will take place. police have been very limited in what they have been revealing. based on amy winehouse's past, we know her past has been well documented and troubled with drug and alcohol addiction, not only in her songs but with what we've been
caught him off guard about the nightmare in norway. as the family of amy winehouse says goodbye, new questions emerge about what really killed her. seems it might not be that obvious after all. tonight, the mystery of amy's death. plus, attacked by a kangaroo. >> run for the ground. >> we'll see how a 94-year-old woman took on a hopping mad animal and lived to tell her story. but, first from fox this tuesday night. a new poll shows exactly what you want. 62% of americans surveyed want a compromise. a compromise of spending cuts and revenue increases to solve america's debt crisis. but with seven days to go, still no deal to raise the nation's debt limit. and nobody seems to know how all of this will end. officials say that means a week from now the government may not be able to pay all of its bills, and every american could face a sort of tax hike in the form of higher interest rates. the house of representatives working on speaker john boehner's plan to raise the debt limit but only for six months. the white house says that's not long enough and it's threatening a veto but it doesn'
. more on what our blago wants coming up. plus, the british singer amy winehouse cremated today. but questions continue over what exactly killed her. there are new details on the mystery and we will have them for you next. but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. vair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, workintogether to help improve ur lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalersor sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, take the lead. ask your doctor if incling advair get your first fl prescription free and save on refills at ♪ until the sun went down ♪ ♪ until the
of death of amy winehouse -- the ipads airport did not determine the cause of death for amy winehouse. her funeral it set for tomorrow. >>> michael jackson family announced today a continent is honorable be held this year in wales. it set for october with tickets to go on sale next month. they plan to stream the content online but are not clear who will perform. jimmy jackson had planned a tribute concert that was never held. the singer died in 2009. >>> a new report shows california is hiring system is losing spot at the top. researchers say that budget cuts and poor leadership are to blame. >>> u.n. to work with the result is you have. they are the ways that you can focus your attention to interest in defending. >> the study looked at trends over seven-year. >> we would've to northern california where they are stuck in the concern that scientists have about the survival. >>> and expect to see changed or summer weather patterns this week. casings will tell us what is in store. you can watch the seven in honor of our newscasts on your computer or mobile device. we are streaming live onlin
sorpresiva muerte de la cantante britÁnica amy winehouse. h@reacci al rear. ♪h@h@not.uni fds lateh@ununivh@e >> el presidente hugo chÁvez regresÓ esta noche a venezuela @ de forma sorpresivapara ir h@is@ se difundiÓ imÁgenes del encuentro que sostuvo con el ex futbolista argentino maradona y fidel castro. >> colombia se vistiÓ de blanco para refrescar la memoria quienes olvidaron que los derechos de los niÑos son inviolables. desde bogotÁ, nos explica en quÉ consiste esta audÁz cruzada. >> porque la guerra es cosa de adultos, colombia iniciÓ su mÁs audaz cruzada. la campaÑa: mambra Ó no va a la guerra, busca cual recordar cada colombiano que un niÑo un arma es pendazo del futuro del paÍs que se desvanece. >> es la historia que quermos que h@univisionnot.uni fds late@ >> a vivir en paz, a no ser agregidos, tienen el derecho a a los niÑos a los colegio. >> el presidente santos asegurÓ que cualquier grupo armado ilegal que quiera tener acercamientos con su gobierno debe dejar en libertad a todos los menores de edad que hacen parte de sus filas. en bogotÁ, colombuniv
for football? >> also, british police release new information about the death of singer amy winehouse. plus.... >> i want to thank you. >> she breaks her silence on tv. she described the alleged attack and response to charges that she is a prostitute. >> breaking news on the football front. n.f.l. lockout is over. moments ago n.f.l. players agreed with a deal. executive committee arrived at washington, d.c. hotel where they begin voting. owners and players finalized the terms earlier today. many training camps were will be open on wednesday. it may be early enough to save the entire pre-season except for the hall of fame game. >> an autopsy on amy winehouse has now established what killed her but more toxicology tests and results won't be available for two to three weeks. there was a family memorial outside the apartment and thanked them for their support. she was found dead on saturday inside her home. she was just 27 years old. five-time grammy winner shot to the top in 2007. she spent years battling drug and alcohol addictions as well as an eating disorder. they did not f
la sorpresiva muerte de la cantante britÁnica amy winehouse. las reaccit.uni al relatear. ♪ h@univisionnot.uni fds lateh@h@ >> el presidente hugo chÁvez regresÓ esta noh@univisionnot.u de forma sorpresiva para h@set.@ se difundiÓ imÁgenes del encuentro que sostuvo con el ex futbolista argentino maradona y fidel castro. >> colombia se vistiÓ de blanco para refrescar la memoria de quienes olvidaron que los derechos de los niÑos son inviolables. desde bogotÁ, nos explica en quÉ consiste esta audÁz cruzada. >> porque la guerra es cosa de adultos, colombia iniciÓ su mÁs audaz cruzada. la campaÑa: mambra Ó no va a la guerra, busca cual recordar a cada colombiano que un niÑo con un arma es pendazo del futuro del paÍs que se desvanece. >> es la historia que quermos que cuenten a partir de este momento. no queremos mÁs niÑos en la guerra. queremos niÑos gozando de sus derechos. >> miles de jÓvenes en 27 ciudades participaron del lanzamiento de la campaÑa para que su rechazo llegue a lo mÁs profundo de la selva donde otros miles de niÑos luchan obligados a guerra
:41 78 degrees. >> tributes are pouring in for pop star amy winehouse. >> the made who bro >>> welcome back. monday morning. checking our top stories. republicans and democrats will be back at work this morning trying to prevent a potential default on the nation's debt. house speaker john boehner and senate democratic leader harry reid are working on separate proposals. they have until august 2 in order to act. >>> we're learning more about the man accused of killing 93 people in need of a separate attacks in norway last friday. anders breivik wanted to trigger an anti-muslim revolution. he will be arraigned today. >>> chinese media says a two- year-old girl was pulled alive from the wreckage of two trains that collided in eastern china. she was rescued 21 hours after the accident had no apparent injuries. 35 people died in the crash. >>> an abc 7 news exclusive. pour the first time the hotel maid who brought down one of the most powerful lmen is speaking out. and the last few weeks some of cast doubt on her sexual assault allegations, but she maintains that she was victimized. now mor
the loss of amy winehouse. >>> in china, we are hearing about an amazing story of survival after a deadly train accident. workers found unconscious toddler of libel they were cleaning up the wreckage. 35 people were killed, 200 injured when a high-speed train crashed into the back of the train and installed on the tracks. >>> mother of amy winehouse that are daughter did not look well when she saw her on friday. she believed it was a matter of time before her daughter died. fans paid tribute to her leaving a growing pile of candles and messages outside effort a home. an autopsy will most likely take place tomorrow. >>> what a and bells are ringing across new york today for hundreds of gay couples. today marks the first day that gay marriage is a legal and the new york. >> everybody puts blocks on their doors to protect what is important to them. people do not understand that today americans want to put locks on their relationships to protect what is important to us. >> not everyone was celebrating. thousands of anti-gay marriage protesters demonstrated in albany, new york. they said that
beijing benefited from the games legacy. the father of the 18th winehouse -- of amy winehouse leads the tribute to his daughter at her funeral. >> tens of thousands of people have been forced to free their -- flee their homes due to a tropical storm. many are missing. daniel has the story. >> shelter from the storm. safe now, rescued from the floods that hit the philippines. but there are many more, bridges and towns under water. half of a million people have been affected. these are the worst floods in years. look at them now, getting through to safety is a difficult journey. now they have only what they can carry with them. they are the only way to reach those stranded by the floodwaters. 1/2 she is safe. so is he. what about the others? we have nowhere to run to. so we are just on the street. not allowed to go down the road because the water level was to buy. the storm has not passed yet. more rain and misery over the coming days. nature has blessed them with nothing. >> three days of national mourning have been declared for the 78 people killed when a military plane crashed in t
stock markets open later today in asia. grammy award-winning singer amy winehouse was found dead at her london home yesterday. she was 27 years old. the cause of death is unknown as yet. in appreciation of amy winehouse from our anthony mason is coming up. the former chairman of the u.s. joint chiefs of staff general john shalikashvili has died at age 75. in a statement president obama noted that the general arrived in the united states as a 16-year-old polish immigrant, learned english from john wayne movies, rose through the ranks of the u.s. military as an only in america story. new york today became the 6th and largest state in the country to legalize same sex marriage. just after midnight in niagara falls, hundreds of gay men and women are expected to exchange vows around the state today. now the fine print on today's weather. it will be somewhat cooler in the east. in the midwest and plains, triple-digit temperatures. pick your poison in the week ahead. . hot and humid, hot and dry or just intensely hot. ♪ don't stop believin' >> osgood: ahead the rock group journey still believ
or paying tribute. we've talked to the bay area woman off amy winehouse. and what cost displeasing los angeles fire, the tragedy in oslo. and what cost displeasing fire in los angeles. and lake tahoe for skiing no. mount tahoe [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >> if you've seen the commercials for different wireless carriers. this independent study was showing that verizon was the quickest and the bay area. gabe slate's tech report >> the winner is verizon. the seattle-based company measuring the speed. verizon was the quickest download. with a different locations, different phones. they l g t technology was the quickest three. times faster than at&t and t mobile. six times faster than sprint. verizon, you can download it in les
to show on wall street. >>> and a father's grief. amy winehouse's dad greets his daughter's fans this morning outside the london home where she died as investigators try to determine what caused her untimely death. determine what caused her untimely death. today, monday, july 25th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and welcome to "today" on this monday morning. i'm ann curry. >> i'm lester holt in for matt this morning. this morning's court appearance by the man who confessed to that tragic mass killing in oslo, norway, has now been closed to the public. >> authorities didn't want to give anders breivik a platform to speak out. today's arraignment comes hours after the victims were mourned at an emotional me motorial. we will have the latest. >>> also, a scary encounter in a group of teenagers who gathered for survival skills in alaska. the boys were crossing a stream when attacked by a brown bear. two of them were badly injured. we're going to get details coming up. >>> also this morning, a fresh blow to a mother who lost h her-year-old son in a hit and run
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